Birthday Parties

At East West Martial Arts we Provide the MOST EXCITING Kids Birthday Parties EVER!!!

How would you like to provide your KIDS with the most exciting children’s BIRTHDAY SUPER PARTY in the Vancouver, Washington AREA? – Well you’ve found it RIGHT HERE at East West Martial Arts!

Our Kid’s Birthday Parties are a Fun Filled – Super Blast that will be remembered FOREVER!

Our energetic, kid loving and enthusiastic instructors will be sure to bring a HUGE grin to every child that attends. The birthday child gets to greet their friends all decked out in their very own official Black Belt of the Day. The Birthday boy or girl is awarded with an “ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR OF THE DAY” title and soon finds out what it’s like to be a leader on this most special day. We first have a “Very Exciting” beginner martial arts lesson for all in attendance. There’s no “down” or “goofing off” time here – we keep ‘em moving from the time they arrive. After the lesson the kids get to put their new skills to the test in several of our very own designed FUNTASTIC KARATE GAMES! They will even get to learn how to safely break a board – Now that’s pretty cool isn’t it. They’ll all be bragging to their friends at school for weeks.

Our parties are High Energy, Fast Paced – super FUN & Full of Surprises that your child will remember FOREVER!

Kids in the Vancouver, Washington area want us to host their Birthday Party year after year because they see right away just how extremely fun the parties at East West Martial Arts really are! We make sure that this will be the most thrilling and entertaining BIRTHDAY SUPER PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA that your child could ever experience!

We would LOVE the chance to HELP YOU make this the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY of your child’s LIFE! As with any program we have here at Vancouver, Washington’s East West Martial Arts and Karate School, we encourage all parents to not only attend but participate as well.

Call 360-693-5425 (East Vancouver) or 360-695-6845 (West Vancouver) NOW to reserve your child’s Karate Birthday SUPER Extravaganza!