Do you want to Master Your Ground Game with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training has undergone explosive growth in recent years, and more people are experiencing the benefits every day. At East West Martial Arts in Vancouver, we offer a unique Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training system that effectively teaches the principles of leverage and body positioning that has made BJJ a favorite among novices and professional competitors alike. Because this system relies almost exclusively on technique, practitioners will be able to defend themselves and defeat opponents regardless of size and strength. This fact has given Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a well-earned reputation as the best self-defense training in the world.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so effective that many law enforcement agencies have adopted it as their primary hand-to-hand combat system. Jiu Jitsu is also the go-to system for the CIA, Navy SEAL, United States Marines, Delta Force, and many other organizations worldwide.

The principles and techniques we teach can be used to successfully defend against most street attacks as well. BJJ tactics can be used against punches and kicks, grabs, chokes, headlocks, and even weapons such as guns and knives. Most importantly, these same techniques will work against attackers of any size, even for those with smaller frames.

Learn the skills you’ve ALWAYS wanted!


Our training program includes a focus on real-world situations and tactics, giving you the confidence and skill set to protect yourself and your family against virtually any attack.


The submission and grappling program we offer will help you perfect your ground technique, whether you intend to use it for self-defense or competition. In addition to being an excellent practical skill in the event of an attack, any MMA fighter will tell you grappling and submission skills are what separate the best from the rest.

Train with the BEST!

Here at East West Martial Arts in Vancouver, we firmly believe that to BE the best, you’ve got to LEARN from the best. That’s why every one of our instructors has been professionally trained and certified to help you excel and reach your peak. With the extensive training and experience of our staff, you can be confident that all instruction is done in the safest and most effective way. Whether your goal is to become the next BJJ Master, or simply to get in great shape, our experts will give you all the tools and motivation you need to succeed.

Of course, our program is about much more than physical or technical accomplishments. Our instruction will also help you to develop the unstoppable confidence, discipline, and drive to succeed and improve that will help you conquer any goal you set your mind on. Our students often report drastic improvements in their personal lives, and their academic or professional lives as well.

Our training is open to EVERYONE!

Beginners are our Specialty.

This training system may sound intimidating, but rest assured our instructors are excited to develop a training style just for you! Whether you’re a martial artist, a complete beginner, or you’ve never set foot in a gym, we’ll find the perfect style for you.

Trying to lose weight or get in shape?

In addition to martial arts, our staff are also experts in general physical fitness. We’ll work with you to set your goals, and then develop a plan to achieve them. Whether you want to become a champion, or simply get in the best shape of your life, we’ll help you every step of the way!
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